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James Turner Saddlery
Have you had your saddle checked recently? WBRC member James Turner is a qualified saddle fitter and bench saddler and offers a range of saddlery services. It is recommended that are saddles are checked every six months as horses change shape and size due to the change in seasons, work, age and condition. James offers a checking at flocking service all at your yard so there is no being without a saddle while its off being flocked. If you require a new saddle, a wide range of saddles are available to suit all horses and budgets including: Pessoa, Anky, Ideal, Black Country and GFS saddles sold as well a as range of second hand saddles sold on commission. As well as saddles, James also carries out all leather work repairs, so don't throw anything away until you've seen if it can be repaired. Alterations and tack security marking are also available. Discounts are available for yard visits and a collection and delivery service is available if the quantity of work is large enough. Please call or email if you would like to discuss any of your saddlery requirements or visit
James Turner 07766 102 904